Anne Sellors’ STARmeter Skyrocketing Up 1,135%

A woman who feigned urinating on herself for 80’s film ‘Threads’ has an IMDB page which is skyrocketing in popularity:

Now her family is stepping in on the message boards to try an protect her from the trolls:

by M_Cobretti 3 days ago (Mon Sep 13 2010 14:25:50)

Hello everyone on the internet! My name is Richard Sellors, Anne Sellors is my mother.

It has recently come to my family’s attention that our mother is being mocked on this website. While we all appreciate why many of you would find this funny, we ask that you all refrain from spreading lies about her. Having a laugh is fine; to be honest, we have had a chuckle at her expense on many private occasions, but the internet is different, we need to be careful to protect her reputation.

For the record:

– My mother was not an actress. She worked for the BBC for 35 years as a administrator. She was asked to fill in for an extra who backed out of the role after realizing the embarrassing nature of the part. Needing some extra funds for her family, she agreed to the role, was paid and assumed it would be forgotten. For almost 30 years, it was

– My mother is still alive. She doesn’t spend much time on the internet, but is aware of the discussion about her. She sees the humour, but is not aware of some of the lies being spread about her. We would like to keep it that way

– The Sellors family will consider legal action against anyone who spreads lies about us or attempts to impersonate one of us

I hope this note finds you all well, and I’d like to reiterate that the Sellors family is not “anti fun”, we simply want to watch over our mum.

The Sellors Family

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