Phil Hartman’s Flat TV: The Movie

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Award-winning animation company Worker Studio, in collaboration with producers Paul Hartmann and Angel Rosenthal have secured the option to produce an animated property based on the comedy album, Phil Hartman’s Flat TV. The album, holds the seeds of Phil Hartman’s genius, with all the sophistication and bold energy he carried through an illustrious comedic legacy.

Phil Hartman’s Flat TV was written, recorded and performed by Hartman before his rise to stardom as a beloved cast member on The Pee Wee Herman Show and Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, NewsRadio, and his feature film work. In 2002, four years after Phil Hartman’s passing, his brother, legendary music agent, John Hartmann, of Leo/Hartmann Productions, released the album through ( after its mysterious disappearance.

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Deep Throat porn actor Harry Reems dies aged 65

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XBMC For Android

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The feature-set on Android is the same that you have come to expect from XBMC, no different from its cousin on the desktop. Running your favorite media-center software on small, cheap, embedded hardware is about to become a hassle-free reality. And as Android-based set-top-boxes are becoming more and more ubiquitous, it couldn’t be a better time. In fact, primary development was done on a Pivos XIOS DS set-top-box. And that is no coincidence, you will notice that Pivos is now listed as an official sponsor (more on that later). XBMC is stable and works great there, as well as on various tablets and phones. Though with Android, as many of you probably know, that is only the beginning of the story.
XBMC For Android

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RIP Commodore 64 Father Jack Tramiel

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Cracking Siri

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3M film turns windows into transparent solar panels

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Modern-day aviation pioneer achieves world’s first untethered, manned electric helicopter flight

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Killing a cancer cell from the inside out

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Police Try To Bring Wiretapping Charges Against Woman Who Filmed Them Beating A Man

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Researchers create artificial lung that works with air rather than pure oxygen

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